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A progressive web app is easy to understand however, is much harder to explain exactly “what” it is and how it all works. To the ones that has really no clue about web apps, mobile apps, web sites, web pages coding languages both client side as well as server side etc. or just learning how to develop web pages, web sites and the like, it will seem total nonsense in the beginning, but as time marches on more and more will become clear.

Let’s start by imagine your cell phone, the games, the financial apps, YouTube, Google, chrome, photo editor, camera/video apps, well you get the picture. All of these are mobile apps downloaded from Apple or Google Play store, well progressive web apps are mobile apps like those mentioned but they don’t need downloading from Apple or the play store in order to be used. They are from a website or webpage instead. In addition, along with not having the limitations or restrictions of mobile apps. They are a type of web page so their delivered differently to the user instead of a distribution system.

This type of apps work in most browsers, they are “app” like with being independent of connectivity, in other words, they are mostly stand-alone. Their features are “app” like with how they do not slow down the functionality, the device or the website. Some of the features these apps use are push notifications, adding to home screen and others are regularly added as the demand warrants.

These type of web apps have been developed and built in a cross platform solution, which the goal was to help the developers build more manageable yet dynamic apps to meet the needs of demand. There are many different characteristics so that they may work more smoothly with native apps. The following is some of the more important ones of most of the progressive web apps that are in development.

• Progressive – Will work with any browser, for all users.
• Responsive – Fits all form factors as well as works on most all devices.
• Runs Quicker after Boot – Because nothing has to be downloaded repeatedly, the
app reuses the content as needed, the web app uses redundancy to render
content faster.
• Connectivity Independent – Which means its great in low signal or offline.
• Mobile App Like – More comfortable to the user with app like feel & ease of
• Always Up to Date- With the service worker update process the app remains
always up to date.
• Safe/Secure – Since it uses the HTTPS protocol, the content safely kept hidden
from unwanted snoopers.
• Discoverable – It is identifiable as an application even with search engines.
• Keeps User Engaged – With the push notification function it can easily keep
the user engaged.
• Easy Install – With icons from the app store, links can be stored on home
screens to keep things organized.
• Shareable via Linking – No complicated installations & with app like linking,
sharing is easy.
• Can Load Offline – Does not have to be online to load contents or the user to
be able to use it.

The best part with these type apps is the ability to give the user experiences with the progressive enhancements features, that the other types can’t. One attractive feature is how the progressive web app(s) are so much faster than the native apps and the difference is noticeable right away. Hard to believe but the difference in loading and internet speed between mobile data and the app speed is upwards of 65% at times. How the apps built, along with how it carries out its functions may seem the same as the native apps however, on the inside they are very different. The PWA does not transmit any data over the internet it uses what information is already stored within its reach. It really delivers a great user experience and comfortable feel while having a powerful and robust platform easily scaliable & gives more safety and security considerations for the end user.

The best feature of the entire PWA experience, I believe is the fact that anyone can construct and build their own PWA with more confidence even easier than ever before with very little formal training,. This means with a little research, reading, planning along with the abundance of free coding and tutorial sites on the internet, there is really no reason why a user could not just build their own specialized PWA if they chose to. This would save money off the bat, also, the app would have exactly what the user would require, none of the extras like ads, nag screens nor would anyone have it unless the user were to decide to share it for some reason. With some studying and patience, this could be a truly future project, especially if the user has some ideas for special functions of the PWA that none other has lastly, it could even generate revenue or funding down the road, it’s something for the user to think about and explore.

These type web apps are truly versatile and much easier and safer to use than the native apps or older protocols. The future for these type apps are full of possibilities and the users really should take a closer more detailed look at this new upcoming way to be productive on and off line.

What are Progressive Web Apps?


Bitcoin has raised the bars for cryptocurrencies! This term was underestimated until Bitcoin reached close to $20000 in 2017. It had disrupted financial markets and there were predictions that Bitcoin will enter the mainstream. But the stats fell, and Bitcoin is now trading below $4000! It has lost more than half of its market capitalization and can enter death spiral in next few years! We have seven reasons to justify why we feel that bitcoin will fail.

Cryptocurrencies are complex: There is a portion of our population which has distanced itself from share market trading. There are people who still don’t understand terms like call, put options, forwards, futures, derivatives, stop loss etc. Even after so many years, people don’t have confidence or are not interested in staking their money in a regulated financial market! If this is the case with stock market, can we expect investors to understand complex cryptocurrency in a matter of few years? Can we expect a boom of investment? Most likely not! If a financial instrument fails to establish trustworthy grounds for investors, there are remote chances that it will flourish!

Lack of regulatory monitoring: There are no regulators monitoring the price of bitcoin. This is the major pitfall of Bitcoin which entire world is aware of! A regulated financial instrument can never fluctuate drastically because of the upper and lower cap imposed by regulators. Unfortunately, bitcoin suffers from this level of close monitoring. A regulated exchange is always trustworthy as the buyers and sellers are authorised to trade. Many fraud cases have already been reported in bitcoin exchanges! People have disguised themselves as sellers and collected money without providing any bitcoin. Due to this opaque atmosphere (no transparency in exchanges) and trade of unlicensed and fake bitcoins, investors choose to abandon the field of cryptocurrencies.

Negative sentiment: ‘Sentiment’ is a very crucial component which works for any financial instrument. The sentiment of investors globally is not very positive towards Bitcoin and this is the reason that there are chances of its failure. Amazon share is touching skies because its stakeholders have full belief that this company has potential to grow. They have a flourishing sentiment towards Amazon but the same is missing in Bitcoin’s stakeholders. The market is extremely volatile, and its price can fluctuate hundreds of dollars in matter of few hours. The sentiment here is linked to fear, doubt and ambiguity which can potentially lead to failure of Bitcoin.

No map for Bitcoin’s future: the creator of Bitcoin disappeared soon after creating a platform for its exchange. The world is not ready to accept bitcoin as a currency. This currency has potential to eliminate foreign exchange fluctuations. Nobody has ever come up with an idea of a currency which is globally acceptable! The idea is incredible but the same is not echoed by financial agencies of the world. Due to this, it can be easily said that bitcoin has no future! There is no leader to raise voice and take initiative of bringing everyone on same page! If the biggest economies of the world have rejected this cryptocurrency, it will vanish sooner from the markets!

Artificial movement of prices: Due to lack of regulation, market manipulation and speculation are very easy in bitcoin industry. To shoot prices up, traders buy bitcoins in bulk (creating a fake demand) and vice versa. These fictious trades move the prices artificially which spook the investors away from investing. Market or instrument which lacks investor’s trust is bound to fall in long run!

Poor Reputation: The secrecy around Bitcoin transactions is more than any online trade of financial instruments. Due to this, there is a speculation that many illegal activities are being carried out using this crypto currency. An individual investor who just wants to earn profit and step out would think 100 times before trading into anything which can potentially trouble him in long run! FBI has also stated that they have eye on every transaction that is happening using bitcoin on world wide web. The transactions are not fully anonymous, and it is no big deal for FBI to fetch details of transactions. You are not doing something illegal but if you accidentally buy a bitcoin which has come through illegal route then you are screwed! You don’t have any way to trace the source of bitcoin that you are buying.

Mining problems: The bitcoin network can collapse without the miners. ‘Mining’ refers to creation of new bitcoins to keep the trade on! The gigantic miners are sitting in China & Canada. Bitcoin mining is incredibly hungry of power which ultimately increases costs of equipment and electricity. The authorities of respective nations are opposing supply of electricity to mining facilities as they want to divert their resources towards something which is sustainable and acceptable to the world! This threatens the survival of Bitcoin in long run!


There are many types of backlinks when it comes to search engine optimization. Not all of them are created equal. Below are the most effective types of backlinks in SEO, as well as ones that are not effective and should be avoided.

1. Editorial Backlinks: The Best & The Most Effective

Without a doubt, the most effective and best backlinks for SEO is editorial backlinks. Editorial backlinks come in many forms, such as a high quality and highly regarded site citing your site as source for the information on their site. Another example of an editorial link to your site is when a website cites your website as the creator of a photo or info-graphic.

Editorial backlinks can easily improve your website’s rank. All you need is a handful of high quality editorial backlinks to notice a difference very quickly.

2. Forum Links: The Worst & Least Effective

Forum backlinking is thought of as being a spamming technique, when the sole purpose is to post your content over and over again. For example, a lot of people will visit a single forum and go from post to post leaving a link back to their own content. This is considered spam.

A few years ago, website owners would jump from forum to forum leaving comments and a link back to their sites within those comments. A lot of times, the comments were short and provided little to no value. What’s even worse is sometimes the links were left on irrelevant forums. The bottom line is you want to stay far away from forums, unless you plan on actually providing high quality comments and follow the rules of the forum.

3. Guest Post Bio Links: Good & Effective

Guest post blogging links aren’t always allowed. Some blogs don’t let you post to their site and link back to your own site. However, many blogs allow their guest bloggers to include a link back to their own website via their author bio box. Of course a link inside the post’s body would be preferred, but a link in the bio can do wonders in regards to SEO.

Here’s a tip, find 3-4 quality blogs that are looking for guest bloggers and that allow links within author bios. Ask if you can guest blog 2-3 times in a span of a few weeks. If you do this, your own site’s rankings should drastically improve.

4. Directory Links: Not The Best & Not That Effective

There are a ton of article directories out there. A lot of them are low-quality and allow any old links to be submitted. You want to avoid those ones and try your best to stick to the directories that have a solid reputation and that are considered to be authoritative.

Do note there is nothing wrong with submitting your URL to a few article directories. If you do it every now and then, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. It’s when you do it all the time, that’s when your site might draw negative attention from Google and other search engines.

5. Newsworthy Press Release Links: Great Backlinks And Can Be Very Effective

Press releases are great for two reasons, with one being you can build up a massive number of backlinks, while spreading the word about the topic you are writing about. Ideally, you want to write a press release when you actually have something newsworthy to share or something very interesting you want people to know about your brand.

After you create your press release, you want to alert media outlets. If they think your press release is newsworthy, then they will distribute it for you. Also, there are third-party companies that can distribute your press release for you and they will contact you when media outlets have picked it up.

6. Paid Links: Horrible And Won’t Work In The Long Run

Paid links are among the worse of the worse backlinks in SEO. These types of links are usually part of link-wheels. These are sites that claim they can get you hundreds of backlinks within a short period of time, all for a low fee. Go ahead and pay for them if your goal is to ruin your site’s rankings because Google has already taken a stance against paid links.

Those are the best and worst backlinks in SEO. You want to choose your backlinking strategy wisely because if you don’t, then your site’s rankings can suffer greatly. If you want to improve your rankings, then stick with a good backlink strategy and try to get links back to your site from some of the above sources.

The Most Effective And Least Effective Backlinks In SEO


As per the recent updates from analysts, bitcoin is going to achieve million-dollar value.

The chances are that it will reach this value by the end of the coming year. Although the reports presented a few months back were expecting bitcoin to reach $500,000 value in 2020. But the recent projections are doubling the amount, and you may find this popular cryptocurrency touching the peaks of 7 figure value.

If you look at the current market trends; Bitcoin is experiencing a crazy ride from the past 18 months. Investors are worried as the leading cryptocurrency is falling down with prices lower than 50% of its remarkable records till now.

But the great news is that stats reveal its rise in the coming year, and it will prove its long-term value by competing for the market variations.

One bold prediction about rising in Bitcoin price was made in November 2017, and at that time, it rocketed to $20,000. But then it went down by almost half the value. For the previous few weeks, it is bouncing between $7000 to $11000. However, most of the time, it is observed to be fixed at $8,900.

As per some dynamic trackers that are continuously monitoring the performance of Bitcoin, the price of this cryptocurrency is currently ahead by almost 20% from what it was expected to be.

The scenario for Bitcoin’s $1 million estimates:

The overall supply of bitcoins is restricted to only 21 million. Out of that cap, the cryptocurrency market has already lost 36% unmined coins. The estimated amount of this loss is somewhere around 7.56 million bitcoin units; note that, it is inaccessible to the investors due to some human errors. Hence, the current value of bitcoin in the market is around 13.77 million tokens. It is expected that it will last up to the end of the year 2140.

Now, let us consider the case when one BTC costs $1 million. In this case, the total market capitalization for this cryptocurrency will be $13.44 trillion. With this, the Bitcoin network will get richer than the combined worth of China and few largest companies including Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and other top 50 billionaires in the world. BTC will even share around 11.7% of the world’s GDP, 32.5% of the overall money supply and 19.5% of the global stock market.

This process needs more stable and higher demands of Bitcoin in the coming future. Note that, this digital currency has deflationary nature, and it means the purchasing power may automatically boost with time. Also, the supply rate for Bitcoin reduces by some extends after every four years. It is a part of the popular theory of demand vs. supply that is applicable to all assets on a real-time basis.

In order to reach the highest expected value of $1 million, Bitcoin must displace various mainstream assets. If we look at the stats, more than 1.7 billion people around the world are not able to access any banking service. But on the other side, 2/3rd of the current population is actively connected to the internet via their smartphones. Hence, we can say that people can make financial transactions easily with the help of smartphones as compared to the bank.

With bitcoin, people living at farthest corners of the world can avail direct access to goods and services by using digital transactions.

Economically weaker countries:

While discussing possible growth in this cryptocurrency, we should also talk about the economically weaker countries as well. At present, Zimbabwe and Venezuela are experiencing worse phases of hyperinflation due to some poor political concerns. In such nations, people have lost their national currencies, and many of them adopted for BTC due to its government independent operations.

Other than this, digital currency also serves people who want to get rid of capital restrictions and wish to bypass stricter investments. Bitcoin history is loaded with many such cases. Wide range of people all over the world these days are shifting to cryptocurrency to ensure restriction free investment opportunities.

People that are in trouble due to national currencies consider Bitcoin as the most valuable solution to meet their financial needs. Many experts are working hard towards the development of sophisticated tools for bitcoin trading. The financial firms are also preparing to adopt bitcoin, and all these activities will naturally strengthen the $1 million projection for Bitcoin.


Some analysts also believe that in order to make Bitcoin acceptable worldwide, the regulatory authorities also need to show a positive attitude towards cryptocurrency. The fact is that people cannot adapt bitcoin fully until the national representatives keep on spreading negatives about it. In case if people are threatened against bitcoin, it may soon become an asset for criminals. In simple terms, regulations can play an essential role in the rise of Bitcoin as the world’s most valuable digital currency.


Will Bitcoin Reach 1 Million

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